You Don't Have to Live with Painful Bunions!

What are Bunions? 

Bunions are painful bumps that grow on the inside of your foot behind the big toe.

What causes Bunions?

Though poor shoe gear contributes to worsening of the pain and symptoms, Bunions are generally considered hereditary as they are passed on from one generation to next.


Are they fixable?

Yes. We consider both conservative care and surgical repair during our evaluation and treatments.

What are some of the conservative treatments?

Changes in shoe gear! Larger and wider shoes generally help to limit the pressure to the side of the foot. Arch supports and in particular customized orthotics have shown to improve the pain in most patients. There are other devices including splints that have some limited efficacy.

Can it be surgically repaired?

Once conservative care is exhausted, we consider surgery. There are several factors that play a role in what type of surgery would benefit you most. We carefully consider risks and benefits and provide appropriate surgeries.


What types of Bunion surgeries are available?

Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy

This innovative technique has been mastered in recent years to minimize the size of the incision to allow for faster recovery and less pain as compared to other types of bunion surgeries. Generally considered lower risk is mostly reserved for patients with good bone quality and specific range and size of the bunion.


Lapidus has remained the most favorite procedure for its great power of correction, in particular with those with very large Bunions. Lapidus is generally considered a 3D correction, meaning it corrects the deformity in multiple planes for the best and lasting results.

Austin - Chevron Bunionectomy

One of the most commonly used techniques to correct the bunion deformities for mild to moderate size Bunions. Austin bunionectomy is known for its stability during the recovery period. It is also considered less invasive and generally less painful than Lapidus/Lapiplasty procedure, however it has limitations when it comes to larger Bunions.

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