Heel pain is perhaps the most common pathology we treat in our practice. Not all heel pains are the same.

heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammatory issue of a ligament located on the bottom of your heel and arch.

This ligament can become painful due to overuse injuries and change in activities.

Several conservative treatment options are offered. These include physical therapy, bracing, injections, and orthotics.

Surgical treatments are available for those who do not respond to conservative care.

heel pain

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a nerve entrapment that supplies sensation to the bottom of your feet and heels.

Flatfoot deformity, chronic swelling, and varicose veins are the most common cause of this condition.

Many conservative treatments include addressing the underlying vascular issues as well as supporting & treatment of flat foot and other deformities.

Surgical options are offered to those who do not respond to conservative treatments.

heel pain

Heel Bump

Haglund's deformity or Pump Bump is a gradual growth of bone on the back of the heel that over time becomes painful.

It is commonly associated with disease of the Achilles tendon with bone spurs and painful bursa.

Typical approach in treatment of this issue involves a course of focused physical therapy, shoe gear modification and customized orthotics.

Surgical options are reserved for those who do not respond well to the conservative care, which include removal of the bump and repair of Achilles tendon.

heel pain

Stress Fracture

This is a rare condition and is usually seen with those patients participating in high impact activities.

These injuries are identified with use of in-office Ultra Sound or X-rays.

We routinely monitor for stress fractures of the heel bone (Calcaneus) as the treatment for stress fractures are rest and non-weight bearing in protective boots that are dispensed during the visit.