What is neuropathy?

Generally speaking "neuropathy" is the disease of the nerves. "Peripheral Neuropathy" specifically refers to nerve conditions of the lower extremities.

Are there different types of peripheral neuropathy?

Yes! They are 2 types of peripheral neuropathy. The first type is “nerve entrapment or impingement” of the large nerves. The second type is degeneration of the small fiber nerves. Brain and spinal issues can also manifest similar symptoms in the lower extremities, but they are not considered peripheral neuropathy.

What are the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy?

It can be any or a combination of the following symptoms:

Foot and leg cramping and pain. Burning sensation. Pins and needles sensation. Numbness of the foot. Stiffness in the mornings. Lack of sensation on the sole of the foot.

How do I know which type of neuropathy I have?

There are some subtle differences between the two types of neuropathy, but the treatments are different. At Acacia Foot and Ankle Surgeons we use several techniques and diagnostic tools including nerve biopsy to determine the cause and type of neuropathy prior to treatments.

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