If you ever have experienced pain to the corners of your toe nails, you may have suffered from an ingrown toe nail.


Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts are specific viral infections that can transmit from one person to another.

These lesions often grow in size and become painful. Since these lesions are infectious and contagious, prompt treatments are necessary.

Warts can be difficult to identify and differentiate from other typical corns and calluses.



Wart treatments involves correct identification of the nature of the lesion. Once confirmed, several treatment options are available.

We approach these lesions based on size and severity of the infection. Smaller lesions are treated with in-office application of medications and use of Laser Therapy.

Larger lesions that do not respond to conservative treatments are often surgically removed.


Healthy Feet

Decreased immunity results in contracture of infections. Warts in particular develop rapidly, when the body's natural immune response is compromised.

Keeping your feet healthy involves making sure that your nutritional status is optimal.

Reducing your stress can have a profound effect on your immunity and helps you fight off infections.